Delays to treatment

Hospital on black alert as patients face diversions and long waits in A&E

26th February 2016

A hospital has been placed on the highest level of alert as it battles to control demand from patients and … Read more

Winter Pressure: What’s going on behind the scenes

18th February 2016

Starting in early December each year, so-called NHS ‘winter pressures’ make the headlines. Attention invariably tends to be focused solely … Read more

Leaked report reveals scale of crisis in England’s mental health services

15th February 2016

A leaked report by a government taskforce has painted a devastating picture of England’s mental health services, revealing that the … Read more

Diagnostic Radiology: Our patients are still waiting…..

1st February 2016

Summary and Main Findings Prompt diagnosis of serious medical conditions such as cancer is essential to give patients the best … Read more

‘I didn’t matter’: the long wait for mental health treatment

28th January 2016

I’ve always been a worrier, back into my teens,” said Helen Convery, 43, a radiographer from Epsom who has seen … Read more

Spike in mental health patient deaths shows NHS ‘struggling to cope’

27th January 2016

A sudden spike in the number of mental health patients dying unexpectedly in NHS care has prompted calls for a wide-ranging investigation … Read more

NICE leak: A&Es could be understaffed ‘half of the time’

20th January 2016

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence document, reproduced by HSJ today, suggested A&E departments needed to build a … Read more

NHS pressure increases as A&E waiting times increase with 12 per cent waiting over four hours

29th November 2015

Fewer people are seen within four hours due to so called ‘bed blockers’ who cannot leave because there is not … Read more

NHS 111 scandal: 25 deaths blamed on ambulance delays

30th October 2015

The Telegraph published an exclusive report on an investigation of 25 patient deaths following a whistleblower’s revelation that a policy … Read more

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS trust told ‘no mental health beds available

7th September 2015

An NHS trust was told there were no mental health beds available across England, its medical director has said. Dr … Read more