Delays to treatment

This winter 100,000 patients waited 30 minutes in an ambulance.

18th January 2018

Full story at The Guardian 18 January 2018 More than 100,000 patients this winter have had to wait in the … Read more

Fewest number of patients being treated within 4 hours at A&E.

11th January 2018

Full story at The Guardian 11 January 2018 The percentage of A&E patients being treated within the politically important four-hour … Read more

A&E wait times of more than four hours to affect a million more people

29th October 2017

A million more patients could face waits of more than four hours in NHS A&E wards in England by 2019-20 … Read more

NHS waiting times: hospital bosses fear ‘a return to 1999’

19th October 2017

Hospital bosses have taken the unusual step of publicly drawing attention to the NHS’s declining ability to treat patients quickly … Read more

MPs urge action on lengthy wait for autism diagnosis

15th October 2017

Parents of children with suspected autism are having to wait at least 44 months for diagnoses, prompting a cross-party group … Read more

Analysis: Highest number of patients waiting a year for treatment since 2008

25th September 2017

The number of patients waiting more than a year to be treated on an elective pathway has more than doubled … Read more

Falling number of NHS child psychiatrists provokes ‘deep concern’

25th September 2017

The number of NHS psychiatrists helping troubled children and young people in England is falling despite the growing demand for care, new … Read more

NHS funding concerns raised after patient’s death

7th September 2017

A coroner has raised concerns over the level of funding in mental health services following the death of a patient … Read more

NHS patients waiting for hospital care top 4m for first time in a decade

11th August 2017

More than 4 million patients are waiting to be admitted to hospital in England to have surgery, the highest number … Read more

Richards: NHS must protect waiting times and access to treatment

25th July 2017

The NHS must protect waiting times for planned treatment and maintain access to evidence based care despite ongoing austerity, the outgoing … Read more