Staff Shortages

Training survey exposes rota-gap dangers

7th July 2017

The ‘serious’ threat posed by gaps in junior doctors’ work rotas has been laid bare by a national training survey. … Read more

Junior doctors crashing after exhausting hospital night shifts

7th July 2017

Junior doctors are so sleep deprived that more than half have suffered a road accident or near miss while driving … Read more

More nurses and midwives leaving UK profession than joining, figures reveal

3rd July 2017

More midwives and nurses are leaving the profession in the UK than joining for the first time on record, with … Read more

NHS staffing agency moves towards privatisation

28th June 2017

The government is pressing ahead with the sale of NHS Professionals, the state-owned agency that manages more than 90,000 doctors, … Read more

Revealed: scale of hospital staff shortages in top Tory areas

7th June 2017

The maternity unit at the main hospital used by Theresa May’s local constituents is so severely understaffed that wards are … Read more

Thousands of children’s operations cancelled each year, NHS figures show

5th June 2017

Paediatricians’ leader says figures obtained by Labour are further evidence NHS is being pushed to the brink. Thousands of operations … Read more

Long waits for surgery ‘have tripled in four years’

2nd June 2017

The number of patients waiting six months or more for surgery has tripled over the past four years in England, … Read more

Cancer patient dies after being denied transfer because of bed shortage

1st June 2017

A cancer patient died after he was denied an urgently needed transfer to another hospital because no bed was available, … Read more

In short supply: pay policy and nurse numbers Workforce profile and trends in the English NHS

25th May 2017

In April 2017, the House of Lords Select Committee on the long-term sustainability of the NHS concluded that the biggest … Read more

The parties’ pledges on health and social care

24th May 2017

Ahead of the general election, we summarise the main pledges made by the three main parties on health and social … Read more