Reduction in training

Biggest headache for the NHS boss is his own plan

31st January 2017

Who would be Simon Stevens? The job he takes such pride and purpose in has recently got a lot harder. … Read more

NHS intensive care ‘at its limits’ because of staff shortages

29th January 2017

The NHS’s network of intensive care units is “at its limits” because they are overwhelmed by staff shortages and the … Read more

NHS spending per person will be cut next year, ministers confirm

27th January 2017

The Government will cut the National Health Service’s budget per person in real terms next year, ministers have admitted in … Read more

Hospitals cancelled record number of urgent operations last year

27th January 2017

Hospitals cancelled a record number of urgent operations last year as bed shortages left them struggling to cope with the … Read more

Is the NHS in crisis?

24th January 2017

The chairman of the Leeds Health Scrutiny Board certainly thinks so. In a letter to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Coun … Read more

NHS Hospital wards left with ‘dangerously low levels of nurses’

19th January 2017

Hospitals are running wards with a dangerously low number of nurses and are using healthcare workers as “stand-ins”, according to a … Read more

More than 7,000 nurses could face axe under secret NHS plans

19th January 2017

More than 7,000 nurse posts could be axed from NHS hospitals across the country despite a mounting Accident & Emergency crisis, … Read more

Theresa May accused of ‘playing down’ NHS crisis and ‘scapegoating’ GPs

17th January 2017

The BMA’s chairman, Dr Mark Porter, said the underfunding of the NHS and “salami slicing” has led to a situation … Read more

How the ‘humanitarian’ crisis in the NHS is paving the way for private healthcare

12th January 2017

It has been a calamitous winter inside the NHS.  Last week, three people tragically died at Worcestershire Royal hospital with … Read more

GPs asked to come into hospital to discharge patients and take on care

12th January 2017

NHS managers in the Midlands have put out an urgent call for GPs to go in to their local hospital … Read more