20. Northamptonshire

What does the STP mean for your area?

  • Fewer than one in five people in Corby have heard of the STPs acccording to a healthcare survey commissioned by NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • Corby Urgent Care centre is under threat of closures after current operator, Lakeside+ said they would leave their contract unless they were offered more money.
  • There is the possibility that acute services at Kettering General Hospital Foundation Trust and Northampton General Hospital Trust will merge.
  • Private firm, McKinsey was paid £500,000 for “support for development of STP care models” in Northamptonshire.

What are the proposed aims of the STP?

  • Elimination of a projected 2020/21 deficit of £230 million;
  • To develop a single contracting and strategic commissioning framework across both clinical commissioning groups in the footprint;
  • Development of a new model of urgent and emergency care;
  • Development of large-scale GP practices or federations, which will develop into multispeciality community providers.

Further information

Analysis by the NHS Support Federation has found that the STP in its present state does not include exact details of how many of the changes will reduce the deficit and how the capital investment needed for reconfiguration (particularly of acute services) will be obtained.

There are major changes planned in the area of commissioning services and the way services are organised, but few details in the STP of the implications for the STP area population. GPs are likely to merge to form larger federations.

Hospital services are being redeveloped with a single service model being created for 10 specialities.


According to the HSJ, documents show that a single service model for 10 specialities is in the process of being created. The reconfiguration will see the integration of clinical directorates at each site and non-acute care primarily offered “out of hospital [to] enable efficiencies to be unlocked”. The ten specialities are: cardiology; ophthalmology; ear, nose and throat; gynaecology; urology; radiology; pathology; rheumatology; dermatology; and orthopaedics. For rheumatology, dermatology and orthopaedics there is an emphasis on moving care into the community.



The STP includes the development of a single contracting and strategic commissioning framework across both clinical commissioning groups in the footprint – Nene and Corby – which will include primary care commissioning. The framework will support  "outcome based contracts".

Community care

Four multispeciality community providers (MCP) will be developed covering primary and social care.

Primary care

GP practices will develop into Federations or super-practices covering much larger numbers of patients.